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Anaheim Hills Hideaway Travel Tips

BE FLEXIBLE Delays, long lines, cancellations, bad weather, lost items, and many other things can go wrong when traveling. sometimes getting lost turns into the most fascinating discoveries. It can be disappointing and difficult to let go of plans, especially if you have traveled a long way or spent a lot of money or dreamed of this trip for a very long time and worry that you may not have the chance to get there again. But if you take a deep breath, consider your options, wonderful opportunities can come your way, new travel memories can be created and you’ll always have a great story to tell!

FIRST AID I never travel without my basic first aid kit in a plastic bag. It includes Band-Aids, Neosporin, Hydrocortisone, Aspirin, Advil, Benadryl, Dramamine, Tagamet, eye drops, cough drops, lip moisturizer, sunscreen and tweezers. I use a little pill box that carries about 10 pills of each. You can find them at your pharmacy. This eliminates taking all the bottles with you. Also, purchase contact lens carriers, they are perfect for a small amount of creams, lotions and cleansers.

Travel Journal
KEEP A JOURNAL I love keeping track of the places we visited, where and what we ate, who we met, the distances traveled or how far we walked in a day. Documenting your day will help when you want to write reviews and put together photo books.
Travel Shoes Skechers

SHOES I used to go for cute over comfort but now it’s all about being comfortable and being kind to my feet especially when traveling in Europe and walking on cobblestones all day. I found some Skechers a few years ago that are cute, light weight and easy to wash. I also have some soft “ballet flats” that I fold up in my purse in case I need some walking relief.

ID DOCUMENTS Take a photo of your ID/Passport and email it to yourself and a family member (not traveling with you) in case these are lost or stolen.

WET WIPES I started carrying wet wipes after having kids and never stopped. They come in handy for cleaning hands anywhere, wiping tables at restaurants, for a quick facial refresher, cleaning rental car steering wheels, and for a million other things. 

TALK TO LOCALS Some of our best travel stories began with meeting a local. Ask locals where they like to eat or where they like to go. Most of the time, their recommendations are better than the touristy spots.

BACK-UP BATTERY / CHARGER Carry a back-up battery for your phone or camera. Using GPS and taking photos/video can drain a device quickly. You don’t want to miss that priceless shot because you don’t have enough juice.

Credit Cards and Travel
CREDIT CARDS Travel with 2 or 3 different credit cards (VISA and AMEX) in case there is a problem with one. Never carry all of your credit cards at the same time. When traveling internationally, put travel alerts on your credit cards and use cards that offer “no international fees”.
PLASTIC BAGS & ZIPLOCS I place at least one trash bag in each of our luggage. They’re great for wet clothes, dirty clothes or dirty shoes. Different size Zip-Locs are great for placing liquids in, keeping snacks fresh and keeping cameras/phones dry when around water. I use the mini plastic bags found at craft stores for my daily vitamins. Before traveling, I separate my daily vitamins into bags so all my vitamins are together for each day.
Zip Loc Travel Bags
Travel Pill Bags
I hope you found these tips helpful. Preparation and packing varies by your destination and when traveling with kids. Do your research and be prepared as best you can. And most importantly....

BE SAFE Always be aware of your surroundings. Don't travel with jewelry. Keep valuables out of sight. Wear a sling backpack or purse that is secure and close to the body. Don't leave valuables unattended. Make sure a family or friend has your travel itinerary. Place an ID card on your young children with your contact information.